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Taizhou Fangzhong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating design, technology research, and development, production and manufacturing.

It is committed to research and development of shock absorbers and modified parts for the modified motorcycles, modified electric vehicles, and high-end tricycles.

We are based on the high-end market in the industry. We mainly export to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.


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What are the classifications of motorcycle shock absorbers? How to choose it correctly?

As we all know, shock absorber is an important device of motorcycle. The function of motorcycle shoc...

May13 2019

Top racing technology company Philo announces entry into two-wheel electric technology field

Fiorro Design has always been committed to the field of motorcycle racing technology, with China's m...

May13 2019

What is the principle of motorcycle shock absorption

1. Principle: When the wheel falls over the raised ground, the cylinder will also move downward, and...

May13 2019

What are the classifications of motorcycle shock absorbers and how to choose them correctly

As we all know, the shock absorber is an important device of the motorcycle. The function of the mot...

May13 2019

The Role Of Suspension Shock Absorbers

Do different cars have different types? Yes! Some vehicles have a Suspension Shock Absorber for each...

Aug20 2021

What Needs To Be Checked For Maintenance Of Motorcycle Rear Shock Absorber

Motorcycle suspension, much like a motorcycle engine, consists of several moving parts. As you could...

Aug27 2021