The importance of shock absorbers


In short, the shock absorber controls the unnecessary m […]

In short, the shock absorber controls the unnecessary movement of the body. It does this by controlling the movement of the wheels. The spring itself absorbs the bumps and changes on the road surface. Then the damper controls/inhibits the movement of the wheels. Without them, the wheels of the car would bounce up and down uncontrollably every time you cross a bump. Even if all other aspects of the vehicle are running well, there is still danger in driving a vehicle with worn or damaged shock absorbers. Driving ability, safety, and performance will all be affected.

Over time, the shock absorber will wear out, so the driver will adjust the driving style due to poor impact. To determine whether your shock absorbers are worn out, pay attention to how the vehicle is handled. When passing speed bumps or other uneven road conditions, you will notice more body roll when turning, bouncing, or bottoming out.

Try to perform a bounce test by applying downward pressure on the hood or rear of the car. If it continues to bounce after letting go, it is likely that the shock absorber is worn out. According to the team in our shop, drivers should ask professional mechanics to check the shock absorbers of their cars regularly. This gives you time to replace them and check your air suspension kit for other wear.

This can ensure your safety and ride quality. It is recommended to replace the shock absorber at all corners to avoid uneven wear. Although you can use worn shock absorbers to drive a car, this is not something you should be frugal about, because they are all things a car does, especially when it comes to braking and cornering.