Types Of Shock Absorbers For Scooter


Why is suspension important for electric scooters? Scoo […]

Why is suspension important for electric scooters?
Scooter Shock Absorber is important for two reasons:
A smoother ride
Ability to safely accelerate, brake, and tackle corners

It’s important to note that not all electric scooters have suspension, and of those that do, some suspension systems aren’t as effective as others.

If you rode an electric scooter without suspension and then rode one with it, you’d definitely be able to notice the difference - that’s how important suspension is. One ride would be considerably smoother than the other, and you can probably guess which one would be more enjoyable.

While being thrown around and trying to hold on for dear life might have been a fun game when you were a child in the backseat of the car, you probably don’t want to get to your destination feeling battered and bruised if you’ve simply commuted on a flat road. So why wouldn’t you invest in good suspension for your electric scooter?

Different electric scooter terrain
Small bumps and potholes can be a nightmare with bad suspension, even on fairly flat roads. Selecting an electric scooter with a good suspension can make all the difference. If you plan on taking your e-scooter off-road to add some excitement, then you’ll definitely need one with good shock absorbers or suspension to take the brunt of the impact.

What types of electric scooter suspension are there?
There are three main types of suspension as outlined below:

Spring suspension
Electric scooters with spring suspension mean you will feel fewer shocks when riding due to the coil traveling up and down as you ride. The goal of the spring or coil is to reduce the impact after you go over a bump.

Hydraulic suspension
The hydraulic suspension follows the same principle as a person jumping off the ground. A hydraulic actuator is used that can be quickly filled with liquid. When a wheel goes over a bump in the road, the actuator expands as the liquid fills it with great force. This causes the actuator to push against the components around it causing them to spring away. It’s the same as when you jump in the air - you use your legs to exert force against the ground which makes you move upward.

Rubber suspension
Rubber suspension is effective as rubber is naturally supportive, malleable, and soft, which is ideal for impact-absorbing. It also reduces road noise and vibrations in an electric scooter. Another advantage of rubber is it can store more energy per unit mass than other springy materials, so it can reduce the weight of an electric scooter quite considerably.

Electric scooters can have a combination of different suspensions. For example, one model might have a spring suspension at the front of it and a hydraulic suspension at the rear.

Which electric scooter has the best suspension?
This depends on what kind of suspension you prefer and what type of lifestyle you lead. It’s important to not be fooled if someone tells you that the e-scooter tires make up for the model not having suspension. Good rubber tires and good suspension work in tandem and are both required if you want to have the smoothest ride possible.