What is a shock absorber?


A shock absorber is basically an oil pump, a device for […]

A shock absorber is basically an oil pump, a device for smoothing out a sudden and violent push or shock and distributing it as kinetic energy. Shock absorbers are critical in all motorcycle and car suspensions, where the landing gear is part of the support system of industrial machines.

A shock absorber is usually a cylinder containing a sliding piston that is buffered by hydraulic oil or air. The evolution of the car and the use of the car requires a new range of shock absorbers at every turning point and milestone in the automotive industry. As a result, the 21st century has seen more complex concepts and designs of automotive shock absorbers.

When it comes to suspension design, the original automakers faced early challenges in enhancing driver control and passenger comfort. These early suspension designs found that the front wheels were attached to the axles using steering axles and kingpins, which allowed the wheels to spin while the axles remained stationary.