What is the function of the shock absorber?


Shock absorbers do not absorb shock. They dampen the vi […]

Shock absorbers do not absorb shock. They dampen the vibration of the spring. After the spring deflects, it bounces back to its original position and continues to oscillate until its energy is dissipated by a natural phenomenon called hysteresis.

If this movement is not controlled, the heavy-duty springs used in car suspensions will continue to oscillate for a long time. Therefore, shock absorbers are installed to dampen vibrations. That's why the classic shade test of shock absorber efficiency is to push down hard on one of the four corners of the car and see how long it continues to bounce up and down.

Shock absorbers are a good example of the type of product that needs to be stripped of the supply chain. From tiny units that provide end stops for industrial slides and other equipment, to large-bore units that can handle thousands of pounds, shock absorbers help keep the world moving.

Adjusting the damper is magic for a variety of reasons, but it's a key skill to success in the racing world, where springs tend to be very stiff, so adjusting the damper settings is one of the few ways an engineer can significantly change The handling characteristics of a car.