Why repair motorcycle rocker arms?


Your motorcycle's rocker arm is under heavy load, conti […]

Your motorcycle's rocker arm is under heavy load, continues to move, and is exposed to dirt, water and dirt that has fallen off the rear tires. All of this makes life difficult for the rocker arm and all the bearings that keep the part in motion.

When you look at the maintenance schedule, it is not surprising that there is little mention of maintenance rockers or proper maintenance intervals. This is one of the maintenance projects that many people have overlooked and thought of. I haven't heard a lot of chatter about the demolition of the rear swingarm on social media or motorcycle forums. Some things can go wrong, especially the pivot bearing will become dry or dirty.

As a moving part, this kind of bearing will wear out very quickly, and over time, this will cause the bearing to become harder or generate play. This will also affect the performance of the suspension that can move freely. Therefore, if your bicycle has been used for more than a few years and has traveled for several kilometers, or if you often ride in the rain or in a dusty environment, you should check these bearings.