Influence of scooter shock absorber structure


The scooter shock absorber is a device that can effecti […]

The scooter shock absorber is a device that can effectively ensure that the vehicle can reduce the impact. Simply put, it is to reduce the impact of the road as much as possible, and the scooter shock absorber can effectively ensure the comfort of riding, and ensure that the tires can closely fit the ground, improve the ability of the tires to grip, and improve the scooter's grip. driving performance.

From a functional analysis alone, the scooter shock absorber mainly has a metal spring to absorb its direct impact on the road surface, but if it is analyzed from the performance of the material, if the coil spring is squeezed, it needs to go back and forth many times before restore the original elasticity.

In order to effectively improve the resonance of the scooter shock absorber, a hydraulic shock absorber can be used at this time, because it can ensure the number of resonance systems generated when the spring rebounds after being compressed, and can effectively reduce the number of multiples directly, so for the spring Still more important.

The front shock absorber of the scooter shock absorber is mainly composed of a shock absorber core, an outer cylinder, a buffer cylinder and a return spring. The buffer cylinder of the shock absorber mainly uses the phenomenon that the fluid generated when the hydraulic oil passes through the small oil hole resists the material, and finally ensures the absorption or phenomenon of the buffer spring in the resonance.

The smaller the small oil hole of the shock absorber of the scooter, or the higher the viscosity of the hydraulic oil in the shock absorber, the greater the damping force will be. This situation is relatively common, especially after the metal spring is matched with the hydraulic buffer tube, the drop caused by friction can be appropriately reduced.