What is the shock absorber of an electric scooter?


The shock absorber of an electric scooter is a device t […]

The shock absorber of an electric scooter is a device that can effectively ensure the damping of the vehicle. Simply put, it is to minimize the impact caused by the road, and the shock absorber of the electric scooter can effectively ensure the comfort of riding, and ensure that the tires can be tightly attached to the ground, which improves the ability of the tires to grip and improve The driving performance of electric scooters.

When we first saw the shock absorber of an electric scooter, for its structure, the first thing that came to mind was the combination of metal coil spring or hydraulic shock absorber. Therefore, regardless of whether the metal spring is directly exposed to the air, the working principles of the front wheel shock absorber and the rear wheel shock absorber are basically the same.

In short, the purpose of the suspension is to enable the vehicle to withstand the bumps between the road and the wheels, thereby providing a smooth ride experience, so that the driver feels stable without losing control of the vehicle. Like motorcycles or bicycles, the suspension of electric scooters helps improve ride quality and reduce road bumps.